Live. Love. Leave.

So there I was, naked, in the desert…

Oooh, Sexy!

My exhausted body, tested by time and the great sun above, stands as if held up by strings. A mixture of blood, sweat, and tears rolls off my nose and presents a thump, barely audible, as it becomes an offer of mercy to the red, dusty clay beneath me. Behind me, the light yet searing breeze slowly erodes away at my tracks, as if wishing to deny the world proof of my existence. Before me, a deep chasm, long and wide, with no visible end on either side. Strewn within it are the remains of those who came before me, those foolish enough to try and cross it. What would compel such an act of desperation? That very thing which catches my eye and gives me reason to smirk even in such dire circumstances. Beyond the chasm lies an oasis. A beautiful tree stands in the distance, surrounded by the bluest water mine eyes have ever taken in. A chance to finally quench my thirst, a chance to escape the evil glare of the angry sun.

The moment passes, as the reality of the situation sets in. I realize I have now been presented with choices, each one riddled with life-ending risks. I can turn back, I can take the path with which I’m most familiar, one which has not yielded me relief, yet possesses the least amount of risk. I can tread along the edge of the chasm, even though no end is in sight, it does have the potential to surprise me. Lastly, I can follow the dreams of those who’ve perished before me. I could close my eyes, spread my wings, and harness every last ounce of strength to bring myself over the boney hands reaching for my soul, and land gently on solid ground, ever closer to happiness.

I believe in myself, I’m almost cocky. I am clearly a mightier man than the fallen, I do not doubt my success. Doubts do exist, however. My eyes lock on the oasis and my head lifts and turns as I start to question what I see. Is the oasis as close as it seems? Is it as safe as it is inviting? Does it even really exist?? Each doubt that enters my mind weighs me down. Each one, a heavy shackle around my legs.

I break myself from this line of thinking. Doubting will only guarantee my demise. I lift my head as my posture evolves. I no longer resemble a walking corpse, but rather a proud warrior, excited and eager to prove himself on the battlefield. The smirk returns to my face. Let’s do this. Let’s fly.

Man.. that’s deep.

That’s what she said.

Har har.