Love is..

Almost over.

Love doesn’t last forever, but you didn’t need me to tell you that, right? I’m sure you’ve found yourself at some point in a relationship, asking yourself: “What happened to us?”

Time happened.

Studies have shown that 15 months is about the length of “New-Relationship Euphoria”.. that’s the time frame where the sex is awesome, the hugs are powerful, and our significant other can do no wrong.

After that, however, the warranty runs out and we start to see the tires fall off right in front of our very eyes.. the honeymoon is over. It’s at this point that we really get to see the person we’ve been with in a whole new light. Our vision is clear and it is then that we have to either concede that we’ve made a good choice, or run for the hills. From this point on, the sex gets less interesting, the “little annoyances” that you’ve never cared about in your partner become HUGE, and it’s now that you’ll know if you’re really in love or not.

Passion dwindles, but Stressful situations only increase.

It’s at this point, when you no longer feel the urge to rip off your partner’s clothes, but instead you’re discussing the mundane.. insurance costs, room colors, etc., this is where you’ll find yourself looking into that person’s eyes and being thankful for them. If you’re lucky.

They say that about 10 percent of people are still in Love after 10 years. That saddens me.

An annoying game.

We complicate things, Especially Love. We either try to protect ourselves too much, or we risk being taken for fools. We lie about our likes and dislikes, we change our way of living, we act in ridiculous ways when it comes to love.

In movie after movie, from Pride & Prejudice to Mamma Mia!, we see the games that we play. It’s an unneeded process that only serves to complicate an already complex part of life! Why is it so difficult to just say what’s in your heart, and BE YOURSELF at the same time? Love is about risk, nothing good comes without risk.

All in your head.

Love is a brain-related event. We often talk of our hearts, or our gut, but those body parts have their own things to deal with.. Love is in our brain.

Absolutely worth it.