locking doors

Some people have a ritual, at the end of the night.

They lock all the doors, and they turn out the lights.

Like them, I have rituals of my own,

My most favorite one, is the buzz of my phone.

A gentle reminder that I’m not alone.

So simple and powerful, that buzz from that phone.

It might be “Sweet Dreams!!” or “Are you awake?”,

But I’m always amazed by what a difference it makes.

A few times it buzzed and I didn’t answer back,

and right at this moment I hate me for that.

These nights that buzz doesn’t come around much,

so my shiny, new iPhone might as well be a Touch.

I keep grabbing the phone and making sure it’s still on,

it’s so hard to accept that the buzzing is gone.

* * *

I wonder if this is still considered poetry?

Learning more about poetry should be on my ToDo list.

One day, I might just add it.

Very unlikely tho, since I already have tons on it.

Everyone has things they keep putting off, I’m no different.

Yes, I’m just like everyone else.

One day, I’ll start on my ToDo list,

Unless “one day” never comes.