a week pulse

I’m dying.

Your name echoes through my veins, ever fainter, like a passing marching band.
Each breath that escapes reaches in to pull out the next. Soon, I will be vacant.
My life begins to flash before my eyes, and I’m presented with all the memories of yesterday.
This life has definitely been turbulent, but the sun always rose, and the birds always sang.
Now, the sun sets and the sky is filled with such beautiful colors.
A parting gift from the great provider of hugs.
Alas, the cold is setting in, and I’ve become aware of how little time I have left.

I fast forward through the memories of the past, there’s a certain scene I’m looking for.
The memory of your touch, the look of your gentle eyes peering up at me as I close in for a kiss.
The time when our bodies were entangled, barely providing a semblance to our entangled souls.

The end draws near and I’m even colder yet. Still, my lips carry a smile.
I have rolled my stone up this mountain for so long, and I always questioned the purpose.
The answer is now so vividly clear. I met you.
Every step in my life was leading me to you, and I finally arrived.
I was greeted by your embrace, and the weight was lifted from my aching bones.
It was the best moment of my existence, and I will leave with a smile.
You’re gone now, and the stone rolls down the mountain, ever increasing in speed.

I’m cold, as I lay here staring at the fresh crop of stars that have filled the night sky.
My cheek is wet, as a tear escapes me for the very last time.
There’s silence, as I drift away to the fading beat of your name.
I will ache for you, but I will never regret you.
I will leave you, but I will never abandon you.
I will release you, but I will never let you go.
You have shown me a good day in life, but now, it’s a good knight to die.
Good bye.

“I can feel your heartbeat through my shirt. This was all I wanted, all I want.” – Just Say Yes, Snow Patrol