birthday sects

The day started like any other, my eyes already wide open as my alarm decided to start wailing. I grabbed my phone with two reasons in tow, to shut the damn thing up, and to see if anyone had thought about me as I slept. I accomplished the former, but no dice on the latter.
Good morning, Ego! Nice to see you’re still around. “Nice” as in “die already!”

I hopped out of bed and decided to get a jump on my day. Did I say my day? No, No! For the first time in a while, this was not my day. It was my best friend’s birthday!
Frickin sweet! You hear that Ego?? Today, you take a back seat!

I decided to take all the sadness I’ve been feeling and smoosh it down into a teeny, tiny little ball and stick it deep in the darkest recess of my mind. You know, right next to where I keep math. I was filled with joy as I imagined all the fun and surprises I would bestow upon the lucky birthday girl. I smiled as I remembered her laughter and I tried to picture the look on her face as I dropped my surprises on her.
Oh, man! She’s gonna love this!

I hit the bricks, as I still had some last-minute shopping to do. Mainly, I needed new tennis balls. Tennis was in the plans as the first activity of the day. I’ve never really been a fan of the rules of Tennis, so we don’t play it like you’d imagine. We pretty much just lob the ball back and forth, we know it’s a good game when we can do that for a while without missing. The side-effect is, the more successful the volley, the giddier we get. Eventually we reach a point where we’re too busy laughing to be able to maintain the volley.
I get happy when she laughs.

She showed up for our tennis match. I could swear the first thing she did when she saw me was look at my hands. Probably her mind wondering what gift I was about to bombard her with.
Sorry, Lady! I’ve got nothing for ya! ..yet

We played a good game. There was plenty of laughter, and she talked and talked and talked. Some topics made me happy, and some topics made me sad. I hurt my back a little, but nothing really bad.
What, I can’t rhyme??

Once we’d run out of tennis balls to hit, we split up to desweatify. Shortly after, we met up again for lunch. I’d asked her to think of where she wanted to eat, after all.. she’s the birthday girl! I put on all-new threads to mark the occasion. She chose… Ruby Tuesday? She said it’s our place, it is where we first met, after all. It’s hard to believe that happened over a year ago. We got there after what seemed like an eternity.. traffic was just so backed up! We sat, we ate, we talked. Mainly, she talked. ..and talked. ..and talked.
Nom Nom Nom

I know you might think I’m complaining about her talking, right? That couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, she and I really haven’t been talking much lately. I’ve been all kinds of mopey, and she’s been all kinds of distracted. So recently, when we do meet and chat, it’s kind of awkward. There’s lots of silence, lots of weird looks. But not yesterday! I had Mr. Mopey tucked far away, and she was focused and present. It was amazing.
Her voice is like dental floss for my soul.

After lunch, we drove around a bit. She kept on rolling, talking about this and that and the other thing. I helped her find the place where she’ll be playing volleyball soon, and then we said our goodbyes. She invited me to swing by in the evening for cake, and I was excited!
Shit Yea! Cake!

While we had played tennis, she asked me a math question. Yes, you heard that right. Like I said, she’s been distracted lately. Obviously she forgot that she had to help me last year when I took a math class. Anyway, once I was home, I decided to take on her math challenge. Turns out it wasn’t the hardest thing ever, once I had all the variables. I solved it, but I had to be careful. As you recall, I stored Mr. Mopey right next to my math center! I shot her an email containing the answer, and then killed time until cake time.
I don’t think I killed time, but I’m sure I wounded it!

Quicker than the time it takes to google how to spell that Mary Poppins song, I got the text for cake time! I loaded my car with her surprise gifts and hightailed it on over. There were balloons all over the floor, balloons her coworkers had given to her the day before. It was festive, and cute. She greeted me with a great hug as she tried to finish up the cake. The Pirate was nowhere to be seen, but the Scientist was around, and it wasn’t long before we were playing volleyball with balloons. Soon after, some friends showed up to share in cake time. The Pirate finally came down, all dressed up for mommy’s birthday, looking more like a princess than a pirate. She wanted to add a little pizzazz to her outfit, so she poured a whole container of glitter on her head. That’s how it seemed, anyway; There was glitter everywhere, and people were quick to point it out!
That’s gonna be in her hair for years!

We sat down and enjoyed the yummy cake, strawberry flavored! The Pirate excused herself to go cry for a second, the constant glitter-talk was starting to get to her. We put a stop to that, then the guests presented their gifts, but not me. Nope, no gifts from me. Then we all went our separate ways, the guests left and I had to go pick up some dinner for us while she put the kids to bed.
I drove like, 100 blocks for dinner! But it was worth it!

I showed up with dinner, we sat and ate while she made sure the silence was nowhere to be found. I sure hadn’t felt this good in a while. Once we were done grubbing, we had two episodes of Falling Skies to watch, the season finale. I expected us to plow right through them, but surprisingly, she wanted to chat a bit between episodes. Once we finished watching shows, I helped her clean up a bit, and beat her up with balloons before finally hugging her goodbye and heading out the door.
Oh yea! Presents!

She thought I left, but I really just went out to the car, fetched the gifts, and came a-knockin. Once she saw what I had, she gave me an “oh, you devil” look which I’ll remember fondly. She started ripping into the gifts, as I provided a narrative for each one. Finally, she got to her birthday card. Not some hallmark bullshnikey, but a product of my own creation. She started to read it and I could see her eyes fill until a tear decided to make a break for it. We talked for a few minutes as she tried to convince me that I’d gone too far. But she’s my best friend, there’s no such thing as too far.
Get to steppin’

I left with yet another hug, I think it’s a new record. I must have gotten something like 62 hugs from her. It was past midnight, so officially her day was over. For a whole day I was filled with joy. I saw her laugh, I saw her cry, She told me stories. August 26 has got to be the best day I’ve had this year so far. It was just the thing I needed to lift my spirits.
..and that about wraps it up!

We all live divided lives, but in order for things to add up, we need to multiply the joy we bring to others; otherwise we miss out on taking away something worth cherishing.
Now, where did I leave Mr. Mopey?