For the winks

I finally caught some Zs last night! Yes, caught some Zs, you heard me right.

I did not sleep through the whole night, but I slept and dreamed, so it’s alright.

I’ve never had much trouble sleeping, but lately, my mind, it won’t stop speaking.

I think I’ve discovered a little trick. A ruse for my own mind, cuz I am so slick.

My heart, yes, it suffers, I’m still in great pain; but now for my mind I’ve devised a new game.

My mind is my own, I tell it what to do. I am the owner of the beasts in my zoo.

While I’m awake it can mourn and debate, but it has no damn right to keep me up late!

I’m in control of this castle I keep, so when I lay down it should get the fuck to sleep!

Pretty, the dragon with the crimson red eyes.

Pretty, the dragon with the emerald eyes.

Pretty, the dragon who’s up in the skies.

Pretty, yes Pretty, that’s where the key lies.