go fish

look at the goldfish in the bowl
poor little goldfish has no soul
he doesn’t think about tomorrow
for him, the past, it brings no sorrow
he lives right now, just in the moment
his thoughts and memories bring no torment
he’s happy as a fish could be
for he knows not of destiny

he has no one looking up to him
he has no friends who see his sins
he does not care of days to come
he enjoys now and has his fun

were it that we were goldfish too
that we could live like goldfish do
without a worry, without a care
and caring not about what’s fair

alas we humans have much to ponder
we let our minds and feelings wander
but we should take a look around us
be well aware of what surrounds us
we do not live alone, you see
we have our friends and family
we have eyes looking to see
if we are who they want to be

no, we don’t live this life alone
and for our acts we must atone
remember, if it’s not apparent
we’re someone’s child, or someone’s parent
we’re someone’s life, or someone’s love
and there’s no greater task above
controlling what one thinks and does.