peace by piece

It all amounts to everything. We lay awake, letting our minds run rampant and drowning in the loss and dispair. We focus on the moments we should have had and the words we should have spoken. The opportunities have passed and there’s no way back, yet it’s all we want to do.. go back. If we would have said or done something different, perhaps things wouldn’t be so dire.

That’s what we tell ourselves while we sit around, twisting knots into our straw wrappers and wondering if we’re in someone’s thoughts. The truth is that it’s impossible to know if any change would have altered the outcome. The truth is that time continues to tick away. Days shatter into hours, hours shatter into minutes, and minutes shatter into seconds. Meanwhile, we stare at the pieces on the floor, wishing and hoping for the ability to make the fragments whole again. We’re oblivious to the cruel reality that as we focus on the fallen bits, more bits are falling.

Every life is precious because every life is unique. It’s important to see that. While we may feel horrible losses for the missed chances, we still have the ability to keep ourselves from traveling down this path again. We need to turn and notice the beauty of what exists before us. We must learn from the shattered time and dance in the falling minutes. The past is a poison, it will spoil us from the inside-out. The present, it’s the antidote. Through the present we can create a wondrous future and better our own lives and the lives of those who allow us to share in their existence.

“We won’t get far flying circles inside a jar, ’cause the air we breathe is thinning with the words that we speak.” – Codes and Keys, Death Cab For Cutie