The Right In What’s Left

The world has ended.

The impact has caused an uprising of debris that’s blocked out the sun. Your nightmares have ripped through your soul and now stand before you, smiling, taunting you. What do you do?

What can I?

Nothing. You sit there, you watch the timer as it counts down the end of your miserable existence.


They were all right. Remember them? The ones who said you’d never amount to much? The ones who predicted you’d die by a gutter?


Way to go, champ. You’ve made psychics out of those bitches.

Yes.. I suppose.

You’re a fool. Look at me. Listen to what I have to say.


Do not fear the wolves when they’re pups.

Yes, I know. I said that just the other day.

You did, but did you fully understand it?

Yes, we shouldn’t fear things when there’s still time to make changes.

Exactly. You can still make the pack yours. You can still rule the world, your world.

Yes, I can, but so much has gone wrong. I’ve lost control.

You’ve never had control, That’s an illusion. You’re a reactionary beast, you’re born to adapt.

You’re right. I did not get here by following.


I still have options.


I still have my strength.


I am a force, light and nimble.


Stop dwelling on all that has gone wrong, find yourself, find..

..the right in what’s left.

“Feels better to be lost, but haven’t felt the choice” — Chevelle, Revenge